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I am so happy that Obama chose Clinton as Sec. of State.
Not only does she have good foreign policy experience but she should be president in my opinion, and this just puts her at the front for 2012, if Obama doesn't try for reelection.

Now Obama can finally get someone on Irans ass when we need it the most.


I think her history, The Clintons (remember they are a 2-fer one package) lack of honesty, and conflicts of interest should have disqualified her from the post.

Re: Whoa! I look forward to seeing how B.O. handles the Iranians. To watch his mastery of foreign affairs. His no-preconditions pow-wow with those that hate America. I want to see him embrace the idiots of the world so they know we are not trying to punish them. The New Way... being the old Carter way.

Who knows... maybe it will work this time... ROTFLMAO.

My guess is after accepting the SoS spot, Hillary's political career is done and she knows it. This is her last stop. Last Hurrah. I'd also venture Obama will dispose of her at an opportune time so she's not positioned to run in 2012. After all, he likes clearing the field of opponents.