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Thread: Obama calls for halt to Gitmo prosecutions

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    Re: Obama calls for halt to Gitmo prosecutions

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteEU View Post
    A HUGE majority of the people there have been proven not to be
    Link? Support?

    and even of the remaining people held there, there is at best considerable doubt about the evidence that the former Bush administration supposedly claims to have, since not even the accused are allowed to see the evidence!
    Undefendable speculation

    And when we finally do get to see the evidence we find out things like, the Bush adminstration claims a 14 year old is a terrorist, and was part of an Al Q cell when he was 8 years old.. in London.
    Why can't a 14 year old be a terrorist?

    Or that the driver of Osama Bin laden was a not the big terrorist, but an employee and that he is not convicted on terrorism, but gun running basicly, and is released with time served............

    Or the Afghani taxi driver released after 2 years because he was accused by a business rival of being taliban/al q, arrested, carted off to Gitmo to rot for 2 years, while this business rival took over his business.

    Gitmo has been a dark stain on American history, just as dark as segrigation, slavery and the internment of the Japanese during WW2.
    Gitmo has been a strawman for all sorts of anti-US specious propaganda. The truth will set you free.
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