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Thread: Obama Reaches Out for McCain’s Counsel

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    Re: Obama Reaches Out for McCain’s Counsel

    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend_Hellh0und View Post
    so those of you who voted McCain, any sour taste in your mouth yet?

    This is why Obama won, McCain was nothing more than a kissass to the opposition.....
    Are you surprised about this rev?

    Didnt he say that he will seek counsel with Sen. McCain before he even won the election?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker Case View Post
    Don't apologize to me over that silly ****. I could care less if I can see the dust or not.
    Now apologize for apologizing!

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    Re: Obama Reaches Out for McCain’s Counsel

    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend_Hellh0und View Post
    Yes, my bad, obama is the darkness and the light, the alpha and omega, and through him all things are possible....

    Though I walk through the valley of evil America, I shall fear no evil, For HE, the one, The Obama, is with me.....

    Is that better?
    So nothing to reply? Noted.

    Have anything to back this up?
    2006 : Foreclosures Swamp the Midwest. | North America > United States from

    Calif. -- Foreclosures ripped across the nation's heartland in 2006 in the wake of manufacturing layoffs and tough economic times.

    The Midwest had 204,656 foreclosure filings in 2006, up more than 70 percent from 2005's 120,298 filings, according to internally compiled numbers
    Triple-digit increases in filings hit Iowa and Kansas, while many other states, including Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and North Dakota, struggled with increases of 80 to 96 percent.

    Nationwide, nearly one million (970,948) foreclosures were filed in 2006, up more than 51 percent from just over 640,000 in 2005, according to numbers.
    2007 :

    Midwest foreclosure rate leads nation - Business First of Columbus:

    The Sacramento, Calif.-based real estate listing service said Monday that Ohio and 10 nearby states had a foreclosure rate at the end of July of 0.54 percent, or 5.4 homes per 1,000, the highest of five regions in the country. That's a 29 percent increase over the foreclosure rate at this point last year of 0.42 percent.

    The nationwide foreclosure rate hit 0.37 percent, up 42 percent from 0.26 percent a year ago.

    Ohio's foreclosure rate ranks sixth in the nation, which has a 0.67 percent rate. Colorado, Nevada and Michigan tie in leading the nation with a rate of 0.93 percent, meaning foreclosures have hit nearly one out of every 100 homes in those states.

    Alexis McGee, president of, said in a release that foreclosures aren't just affecting subprime loans.
    2008 :

    2008 Mortgage Outlook: Delinquencies, Foreclosures, Too Much Invento - GLG News

    Another indicator that the housing market downturn isn't over is the decline in new home construction, which was down 14.2% in December 2007 and down 25% in 2007, from 2006, which is the largest amount in 27 years. The delinquency rate on mortgage loans was 5.59% in 3Q07, up from 5.12% in 2Q07, which is the highest level of delinquencies since 1986 and the value of those delinquencies surpassed $200 billion. Housing construction fell by 30.8% in the Midwest and was down 25.8% in the Northeast and 19.6% in the West and the South had the lowest decline at 3.3%.
    As far as the Republican base being low income whites :

    RealClearPolitics - Articles - The Incredible Shrinking Republican Base

    Discussions of the current political situation and comparisons between the 2008 election and earlier contests frequently overlook a crucial fact. As a result of changes in American society, today's electorate is very different from the electorate of twenty, thirty, or forty years ago. Three long-term trends have been especially significant in this regard: increasing racial diversity, declining rates of marriage, and changes in religious beliefs. As a result of these trends, today's voters are less likely to be white, less likely to be married, and less likely to consider themselves Christians than voters of just a few decades ago.

    The combined impact of these trends on the composition of the electorate has been dramatic. Married white Christians now make up less than half of all voters in the United States and less than one fifth of voters under the age of 30. The declining proportion of married white Christians in the electorate has important political implications because in recent years married white Christians have been among the most loyal supporters of the Republican Party. In American politics today, whether you are a married white Christian is a much stronger predictor of your political preferences than your gender or your class -- the two demographic characteristics that dominate much of the debate on contemporary American politics.
    Ever hear of the Southern Strategy? It's been the Republican M.O. in EVERY election since Nixon.

    Southern strategy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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