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Thread: Iranian protesters back Gaza and burn Obama picture

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    Re: Iranian protesters back Gaza and burn Obama picture

    Quote Originally Posted by JMak View Post
    So, what was limited to a "few individuals" is something you just decided to attribute to a whole lot more individuals, eh?
    That was a typo, I meant "wasn't".

    Quote Originally Posted by JMak View Post
    I didn't insult you. I properly characterized your comments...they were, in fact, unsubstantiated and rhetorical.
    No it wasn't, you just carried over a problem you had with me from another thread.
    You know the time is right to take control, we gotta take offense against the status quo

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    "I should have loved freedom, I believe, at all times, but in the time in which we live I am ready to worship it."

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    Re: Iranian protesters back Gaza and burn Obama picture

    Quote Originally Posted by americanwoman View Post
    Well give him a chance for crying out loud. Just by being voted into office isn't going to bring rainbows and sunshine right away. Let him prove himself first, then we can judge him all we want.
    He's in the political game now.

    He is acting like the president, and now his picture is being flamed.

    And by the way, The Obalmer did claim his presence would bring "Change", "Hope" and "Unite". He said he'd meet with kooky leaders without preconditions.

    It's his oyster now. Enjoy it. Rhetoric will not solve issues. Rhetoric or government handouts won't solve the economic challenges. His ideas have failed every time they have been tried.

    The Israeli timing was nothing short of brilliant, but they required idiots to allow them to take action. This timing is because of who Obama is and what he has said and revoked. Words have consequences. I sense they do not trust The Obalmer and did this to force his hand. Brilliant.

    The Obalmer entered the fray early... his choice... it's his world now.

    Frankly I think he's saturated us with his presence. We had 18-months of him, now he's stayed in the news and been active since winning... he's not fresh, and his actions have given him no honeymoon.

    The Obalmer, or is it Oobalmer should have stayed in the background like most President elects have.

    He didn't. His choice.

    I like it.

    Let's play ball.

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