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Thread: Poland hopes Obama will back missile shield

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    Poland hopes Obama will back missile shield

    Poland hopes Obama will back missile shield

    WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said on Monday he hoped the administration of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama will press ahead with plans to install elements of a missile shield on Polish soil.

    Warsaw agreed last August to station 10 ground missile interceptors as part of the global missile defense system Washington says will protect the United States and its allies from attacks by what it calls 'rogue states', notably Iran.

    "I hope the new administration of President-elect Barack Obama, led by strategic security considerations, will continue the installation of missile defenses," Sikorski told a ceremony to commemorate the 90th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Washington and Warsaw.
    Poland hopes Obama will back missile shield | Politics | Reuters

    So... should we give more credence to the legitimate security concerns of our allies, or the unsupportable protests of those who are not?

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    Re: Poland hopes Obama will back missile shield

    Poland is ****ed......
    You should try to remember, ideas are conveyed by researching information, vetting sources, and confirming said information. Not by regurgitating talking points given to you by your "news" station.
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