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Thread: Warning over 'third-hand smoke'

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    Warning over 'third-hand smoke'

    BBC NEWS | Health | Warning over 'third-hand smoke'

    Wow.. I think everyone agrees that smoking is dangerous. There is even another ongoing debate here at the forum which debates if cigarette smoking is equally ad to other drugs, such as marijuana type drugs and cocaine.. Thats not really the question here, but so many people smoke that the total danger of smoking, the total load on the society is certainly much more severe than any drugs.. But even 'third hand smoking'? Wow..

    I will add a poll question just for the fun of it.. No matter how they should be classified(legal, illegal or semi-legal, should cigarettes be classified the same as other drugs such as marijuana and cocaine?
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    Re: Warning over 'third-hand smoke'

    All drugs should be legal for adults.

    I am in control of my body and I do not need the government to tell me what I can or cannot put in it as long as I do not infringe on the rights of others.

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