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Sure. But I'm entitled to the opinion that by using a bible to swear in all government officials, having that phrase stated by one of the supremes to be repeated by all government officials, having houses of congress opened with prayers, having odes to god stuffed into our pledge and put onto our money (quite recently) goes against the separation of church and state by incorporating a specific religion, Christianity, into our government.
Course, you have every right to be wrong.
As to whether anyone has the right to say "so help me god" on public property, yes, they have that right. But does the government have the right to force every government official to say it by reciting a specific, governmentally-prepared swearing in statement? I don't think so. Just my opinion.
Of course not, Thats why the government doesn't force their officials at all. Why do you think its a tradition first started by President Garfield.

It is a tradition and only a tradition. If you really think helicopters and fighter jets are going to sweep over the president and every other official because they didn't say "so help me God", then...well...someone needs reeducation
It's also my opinion that judges and teachers don't have the right to preach their religion from the bench or in the classroom, or state that this is a "christian" nation. It's not.
It's filled with people of all religions, and when government actively favors one above the others, it flies in the face of what I personally believe the founding fathers meant when it established a secular nation, with individuals free to pursue their religious convictions without interference.
Well, good thing our government doesn't do that then, huh?