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Thread: Obama fails to disclose transition meetings

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    Re: Obama fails to disclose transition meetings

    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    To me a lie is something purposeful, where you said something purposefully to mislead and decieve or stating something you know full well to be untrue.
    Like campaigning, as Obama, did on uniltaerally re-opening NAFTA while simultaneously backdorring the Canucks letting them know it was just campaign rhetoric.

    Hence, why cut him the slack? Because when he made this promise as he was campaigning for the Democratic nomination he wasn't sure he could win?

    I just don't cut him that much benefit of the doubt. Especially since his entire campaign was premised on change and bringing transparency back to DC. I guess that only applied when he was an underdog?

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    Re: Obama fails to disclose transition meetings

    I'm not sure what NAFTA has to do with transtion meeetings.

    As for the rest, I give him the same slack I gave Bush. Unlike some, i don't hold guys on my side of the ideological isle to one standard and hold others to a different one. Bush ran on a platform of No Nation Building or World Policing...I haven't been running him into the ground on it calling him a "liar" because we started Nation Building and World Policing.

    COULD it be a lie? Yes, yes it could. COULD it be that situations dictated him to need to do somethign other than what he stated in the campaign? Yes, yes it could. Do I have any idea either way? No, no I don't. So while I'm not going to say it definitely isn't a lie, I'm also not going to say it IS one either. Much like my stance has been on Bush for many of years.
    Quote Originally Posted by MrWonka View Post
    In fact, I would wager to you that within 10 years of today's date that stupid MAGA hat will be registered as a symbol of hate on par with a Swastika.

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