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I was taught that really. Its just...well...I want to have sex, I get the urges like everyone else does, at night, every time I see a hot girl etc. and sometimes I do feel like just saying "forget it" and just going all the way. but in the end, when faced with the choice(and, at one time, I had a real chance to go all the way), it's difficult and mildly uncomfortable. Choosing to have sex before marriage just feels like it goes against who I really am.

I do thank you for the opinion, it does mean alot to me. It's just, I still couldn't choose otherwise, at least not now. There are literally hundreds of reasons why I choose this and #1 is, its just who I am, my character. Outside of the illusion of privacy, that is the internet, I one of those geeky, non-confrontational, just-wants-to-do-what's-right, kind of a person. If simply waiting untill marriage is all it takes, then I'll wait as long as I have too. Everyone close to me, everyone who I care about, has discouraged me from having sex before marriage. I guess thats another reasonl I love my family and I want to make them proud. During High School, some friends did try to find some girls for me at times(full-grown, professionally-paid girls, if you know what I mean). I turned them down, again and again. Then one said, and I still remember, "I respect you, I really do. Anytime you want some, you can tell us and we'll hook you up, but, we won't encourage it, we won't push you".
Sounds like it's the right choice for you. Good job with sticking with it.

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Well, thats about it. Some people can wait, some people can't. :shrug
And some people, like myself, don't care to wait.