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Thread: IDF mobilizes tanks, reinforces troops along Gaza border

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    Re: IDF mobilizes tanks, reinforces troops along Gaza border

    Quote Originally Posted by jujuman13 View Post
    IDF mobilizes tanks, reinforces troops along Gaza border - Haaretz - Israel News

    The World notices that every single major or wanna be major nation has suggested a ceasefire.
    Why they call for one is beyond my understanding.
    Had any of these Nations been subjected to a constant barrage of rocket fire into their own territories they too would have taken steps to deal with the perpetrators.
    Israel has been incredibly patient with Hamas.
    Now at long last their patience is at an end and rightly so, it is to be hoped that they smash Hamas once and for all.
    Having said this, this will not cause Palestinians to seek to find a peace deal, even if a peace deal were signed (with the usual give aways by Israel), none of the Palestinian factions would abide by whatever was agreed.
    Another faction would rear it's head and simply continue where Hamas left off.
    Get 'em, Israel. Tear the head off Hamas and throw the corpse back into the crowd of people who sanctioned its power. Let them deal with the rot and stink of their own acquiescence to such barbaric behavior.

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    Re: IDF mobilizes tanks, reinforces troops along Gaza border

    Quote Originally Posted by Laila View Post
    Time difference FTW =D

    Having my breakfast when its almost 12pm
    Well, that's Sunday's for you. I will be going to bed soon and prepare to start a three-day week.
    Semper Paratus
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    Re: IDF mobilizes tanks, reinforces troops along Gaza border

    When ANY Nation is confronted with an enemy that refuses to adhere to a truce, but continues to permit rockets to be fired into that Nation without any let or hindrance to prevent those actions, then that Nation has not just the right but also the duty to defend itself.
    Hamas repeatedly state that they refuse to accept any settlements made by previous Palestinian Governments, even though those deals were made with good intentions.
    If Hamas refuse to accept previous deals, if they refuse to abide by the Truce they themselves agreed to with Israel, what can Israel do but retaliate.
    Someone made the comment that the Palestinians have a much lower GDP than do the Israeli's, perhaps this would be due to the fact that the Israeli's worked hard to achieve what they have.
    They educate their children in ways that benefit their nation, they do not send them to schools to read by rote from their religious book.
    From before the State of Israel came into recognized being, Israelites began working the land in such a way that it was able to support not just them but also allowed for exports which helped their nation.
    Palestinians conversely merely utilized the land for their herds of sheep and goats, once one stretch of land was over grazed they moved on to the next piece.
    That and tending various Olive groves were virtually all that Palestinians produced.
    It is not up to Israel to supply Hospitals, Schools, or any infrastructure that any halfway civilized Nation has, Palestine receives Millions of Pounds, Francs, Lira, Dollars, Roubles from a variety of Nations around the world, these monies are meant to be used to build Infrastructure not as actually happens purchase of armaments from Iran and North Korea.

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