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Well, the Trojan Pandas have arrived.

I saw the panda habitat at the Taipei zoo on Saturday. It is actually VERY nice. I may try to post a picture of it on here soon. However, the budget for their maintainance is VERY high. I hope it does not result in higher fees to enter the zoo. I also fear that it may lose the family friendly environment that exists there now.

There is, of course, the names of the pandas, which means "unification" in Chinese. There is, of course, a political agenda to the names. Taiwan is simply NOT part of China, no matter what the criminals in Beijing or their KMT lackeys and apologists claim.

There is also the issue that China did not file the paperwork necessary for the transport of endangered species between two countries. Of course, Ma considers Taiwan a part of China, so it is not surprised he went along. Once again, Ma is not safeguarding Taiwan's sovereignty as he promised in the campaign.