Cleveland Clinic Performs First Face Transplant in the United States

By Rob Stein
Washington Post
December 16, 2008

Surgeons have performed the first face transplant in the United States, the Cleveland Clinic announced today.

The clinic refused to release any details other than to say that a team led by reconstructive surgeon Maria Siemionow replaced about 80 percent of a disfigured woman's face with that of a deceased female donor within the past two weeks. Neither the recipient nor the donor were identified.

"The patient's information will remain confidential as will the donor's information," said Eileen Sheil, a spokeswoman.

The clinic plans to hold a press briefing Wednesday to release more information about the procedure, which was far more extensive than the three previous face transplants performed in France and China.

"We call it a near-total face transplant. It was substantially more involved than what's been done to date," Sheil said.



Well, this is good news.
It's kind of embarrassing that when it comes to medicine, we're always about five steps behind China, the EU, and the rest of the industrialized world.
I'm glad we're finally catching up.