Chen Shui-bian, who served eight years as president of Taiwan, was indicted Friday on corruption charges, making him the first former president of the island to face criminal prosecution. A colorful and controversial figure, Mr. Chen, who served from 2000 to last May, faces charges that he and his family pocketed millions of dollars in campaign funds. “Ex-President Chen Shui-bian’s crimes are major,” Chen Yun-nan, a spokesman for the Supreme Court’s special prosecutor’s office, said. “We will ask the courts to give ex-President Chen Shui-bian the strictest punishment.”
Mr. Chen has been in police custody since Nov. 12, when the authorities announced a range of allegations involving money laundering, embezzlement and other crimes. A vocal advocate for Taiwanese independence, Mr. Chen, 57, has denied the charges, saying his prosecution is a politically motivated attack by his successor, President Ma Ying-jeou.
Allegedly corrupt - specious? not even close.
This sack of **** needs to rot in prison.
But what will we hear from the pan green? Political persecution.