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Thread: Rice regrets bad Iraq intelligence; defends war

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    Re: Rice regrets bad Iraq intelligence; defends war

    Quote Originally Posted by JMak View Post
    Wrong is a judgment. That's a really nice opinion that you have. But wholly irrelevant to the point I was addressing with the comment you quoted.
    When something has been established as fact how can it then just be an opinion?

    Wow? The US should avoid protecting her interests so that we don't offend the likes of Kim Il, Ahmadijenad, Medvedev, Mguabe, et al? I mean, I might consider Russia's feeling if I were to be putting subs in the Black Sea and putting intermediate nukes in Poland, but short of something like that...offending their sensibilities is about the last thing we should be concerned about.
    My point is "bring it on" and "either you're with us or against us" accomplished nothing but further isolation. Now I understand that some people prefer a militaristic/argumentative/my way or the highway posture when dealing with others they disagree with but I am of the mind to give restrained diplomacy the first shot.

    Your logic has subjugating our national security to a popularity contest.
    How so?

    Oh, please, drama queen. I have displayed no such thing.

    However, that you posted such a sentiment truly does reveal your cynical attitude towards war...a punchline for weak political conspiracy arguments.
    S'true. I hate war. I hate the cost of war. So much that I served 21 years in a branch of our armed services.

    Funny how the truth for you always involves the US being the bad actor.
    Always? Hardly. There is much right about our nation but trying to state the US is never wrong, that's simply stupid.

    Your pity party is pathetic.

    You citing our nation's failings...a joke.
    I have the courage, moral fortitude and personal integrity to admit our nation does have failings so unlike you I am not the type of 'patriot' who blindly follows a "my nation right or wrong" philosophy. That type of attitude belongs in dictatorships and monarchies, not in a democracy.
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    Re: Rice regrets bad Iraq intelligence; defends war

    Quote Originally Posted by Hatuey View Post
    Psychotic kid kills neighbor's dog because he didn't like it barking and then when he was in front of his parents he said that in the future the neighbor will find that it was a great strategic move because with the economy the way it's going he won't have to worry about buying dog food.
    Man you can't even get something as simple as an analogy right. The correct analogy was that Saddam was the local kid bully who was beating up the neighbors kids; then the parents stepped in and stopped it.

    To suggest that Saddam was not warranting removal is about as inane as suggesting he was no threat and Iraqi's were better off with a tyrant dictator.

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