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Lol !!

That's NOT what was sold to the American people.

ObamaCare wasn't about slowing down Healthcare " inflation " . Thats just a ridiculous attempt to mitigate the effects of whats become one of the most destructive pieces of legislation ever written

ObamaCare was simply a huge bait and switch perpetuated on the American people by the Democrat Party.

And what's worse is there is no recourse for the consumer. If a private insurance company had done what the Democrats did they would be at the center of a FTC investigation.
You realize that the only individuals with whom the private citizens are interacting under Obamacare (unless they are getting subsidies) are Private insurance companies, right? And because of this law, those insurance companies are now subjecting to additional requirements that make them more transparent, more competitive, provide more coverage and subjected to cost constraints.

The law was never proposed or discussed as a way to send healthcare spending in a negative direction, only to "reduce cost." If the cost of healthcare spending was going to go up by 5% and this law helped to ensure that increase was only 3%, then the law has reduced cost.