In a major day for climate policy, China, Brazil, and the U.S. all announce new commitments - The Washington Post

On Tuesday, three of the top 10 greenhouse gas emitters all announced new goals for combating climate change. The commitments came in different forms and units, ranging from forest hectares to renewable energy gigawatts — but collectively appeared to represent a new and major step forward towards addressing climate change and cleaning global energy systems.

“The global scientific community has made clear that human activity is already changing the world’s climate system, causing serious impacts,” declared the joint statement by the U.S. and Brazil. The two countries also patted one another on the back, noting that they had thus far led the world in reducing their emissions below 2005 levels — citing a 41 percent drop for Brazil (thanks largely to curbing deforestation) and a 10 percent drop for the U.S.

And President Obama just keeps on trucking along to ensuring that he will go down as the Greenest President since the Roosevelts.