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Thread: House Intel Committee Chair: US Is At ‘The Highest Threat Level We Have Ever Faced

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    Re: House Intel Committee Chair: US Is At ‘The Highest Threat Level We Have Ever Face

    Quote Originally Posted by Gimmesometruth View Post
    Further, the policymaker is often suspicious that when the CIA's analysis suggests his policy is failing...
    "The policymaker is often suspicious . . . ," yes. Note nothing is said there about analysts setting out to critique policy. I'm calling a halt to this because all that's being accomplished is you embarrassing yourself. While that's enjoyable in a small way, I like to hold myself to a higher standard. Either you really don't understand the issue or you're determined not to admit you understand. Either way, I've done all I can usefully do here. Feel free to reference Gates -- he has it right and my position merely echoes his.
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    Re: House Intel Committee Chair: US Is At ‘The Highest Threat Level We Have Ever Face

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Hays
    Sorry, but you're still not getting it. My point is precisely that made by Gates. Analysts can be well aware that their intelligence assessments will "poke an analytical finger in the policy eye" but they analyze intelligence, not policy. You can quote Gates all you want; his point is my point.Analysts never discuss the policy. They discuss the intelligence. If that intelligence points to success or failure of a particular policy that is outside the analysts' concern.You again fail to grasp Gates' point. Intelligence analysis may indeed suggest a policy is failing but the analysis will never address the policy. The analysis will address the intelligence picture. The policy maker draws conclusions that may or may not make him suspicious.No, he said they can have an impulse to do that. But they don't. They analyze intelligence. You will find no statement by Gates that the analysts criticize policy.There is never a statement that a policy is failing. Policies are never labeled. Analysis may indeed suggest failure or success by analyzing intelligence but that is an inference. The analysts never label success or failure of policy.Analysis may suggest policy is failing, but only by an assessment of intelligence, never by a direct discussion of policy.
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