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Thread: 'Accused is guilty': Campus rape tribunals punish without proof, critics say

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    Re: 'Accused is guilty': Campus rape tribunals punish without proof, critics say

    Quote Originally Posted by Kal'Stang View Post
    Actually no, its not a private business. It is a public institution for the simple fact that without the government giving them money they more than likely would not be around.
    If you refer to their 2014 CAFR they accepted $347,877 in government grants (all figures ex library).

    Revenues on the year were just shy $296 million.

    So just over 0.11% of their income came from money the government "gave" them.

    By comparison, private gifts and grants totaled just over $23 million or about 8% of revenue.

    If you're talking about federal student loan money, the government doesn't "give" that to anyone or anything.

    It makes loans directly available to students and the students pay the school. The schools are not recipients of the government's money, the borrowers are.

    Either way, none of this is really here or there because the Obama administration has never actually threatened to withhold money from schools for reasons related to sexual assault accusations.

    Remember, they enacted this new system due to Obama & Co. sending out a letter to all the college's to do something about this sort of thing or they would loose funding.
    Go read the letter.

    It says absolutely nothing about schools losing funding.

    It says that schools which accept federal funding must comply with Title IX regulations, but it makes no threats of any kind.

    When you look at the requirements posed in the "Dear Colleagues" letter that you're talking about you'll see that most are not actually covered by Title IX.

    I agree that the letter was intended as a veiled, offhand threat, but no threat was made directly and the threat that was implied probably isn't enforceable under Title IX.
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    Re: 'Accused is guilty': Campus rape tribunals punish without proof, critics say

    Rape is a horrible, serious thing. After its over. You just cant believe it just happened to you. You are left shaking, throbbing in shame, feeling weak and so abused and little. I was raped when i was a little boy. A true story. I was only 11 years old. I was drugged, and too paralyzed from the drugs to physically cry out. They did horrible things to me. Stuff i wont mention here. But afterward, i will never ever erase the memory. I never told my mother, ever. Was in shock and felt such shame and like i could not explain it to her or anyone. An unbelievable feeling of pain. My insides were violated. At 11 years old You dont even really know what sex is. Or back then in the 1960s I did not really know for sure.

    I went home and she knew there was something wrong with me. She kept asking me what was wrong with me. I just shook and cried like a baby, collapsed in her arms and tried to forget. It aroused my sexuality and jacked me up forever. Could never have a normal relationship and feel normal. I am over it now. Looking back now, i don't think about it for very long but just move on to better memories.

    I pity women who are raped. To me it is one of the worst crimes out there. I cant even watch a rape scene on TV, without becoming flooded with anxiety and i have to change the channel.

    I am glad the drugs did not destroy my mind at such an early age. Anyways, thanks for having a forum where people can talk about stuff they never would open up to people around them.


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