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Thread: Latest on Joe Dimaggio's Children's Hospital Circumcision protest

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    Latest on Joe Dimaggio's Children's Hospital Circumcision protest

    The protest had been planned for 11 a.m., according to the Facebook page of an anti-circumcision group, South Florida Inactivist Unite, but by 2:30 p.m. media outnumbered protestors outside the hospital.

    “The world would be up in arms if this was a girl,” said protester Kumiko Greene, who stood outside the hospital with her three young children — two of them boys who are not circumcised. “It’s barbaric and gruesome…I don’t know how anyone could do that.”
    This is a story that needs to be talked about. The planned circumcision of a 4 year old boy, which is supposedly taking place today. Not that it's "better" when it's done to infants. It's truly despicable what is allowed to be done to non-consenting children in this world... Specifically the US in this case. How awful that this procedure is being done in the first place.
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