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I think what DV was tring to say was that the Leftist approach of threatening/tying the hands of Police and coddling criminals is the wrong way to go.

And before you start throwing accusations at me, i don't think cops should have the freedom to "do what they want with no punishment". However, i also don't think they should have to worry about the specter of Racebaiting ****stains, Political Correct Hacks and Judicial Jackasses hovering over them like vultures every time they encounter a Black person.
Had to go back and see where I got the "friendly cops" phrase. Seems to have come from the title of the thread.

Now, if cops being friendly is a "leftist" agenda, then what's a "rightist" agenda? Is the idea of cops keeping hands off and being afraid to enforce the law being more "friendly", or perhaps more "leftist", or just what?