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Some citizens can't vote. Maybe they're not registered or have a felony. Some people just don't vote or don't think their vote counts. They are citizens nonetheless.

I think you are assuming every adult who isn't registered must be an illegal immigrant. That's not the case. In fact, many illegal immigrants aren't even counted in the population, since they live in the shadows. No utilities in their name, no home ownership, paid in cash, etc.

If the S.Ct. finds that the people counted have to be registered to vote, that may backfire on the conservatives by causing a large number of people who aren't registered to get registered. If it hits the hispanics hard, that will end the Republicans chances of getting hispanic votes for the foreseeable future. Marco Rubio or no Marco Rubio.
????? I never said VOTING citizens, in fact if you read back through my posts, I clearly refer to ALL CITIZENS, including minors.