The very people creating laws that allow for broad and unwarranted spying are the same ones that don't understand how IP addresses work.

Wikipedia edits from inside Parliament removing scandals from MPs' pages, investigation finds - UK Politics - UK - The Independent

Details of MPsí expenses scandals and controversies are being removed from Wikipedia from inside the Houses of Parliament, a newspaper investigation has claimed. The Telegraph found that before the general election earlier this month, allegations of an arrest, fraud, and an extramarital affair disappeared from pages of the online encyclopaedia. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone but every change is recorded, meaning that readers can still find deleted information and restore it to the page. More than a dozen online biographies of sitting MPs have been recently edited from Parliament computers, the Telegraph claimed, although there is no suggestion the politicians or their staff were involved. The editors remained anonymous but were traced to Westminster by their unique IP addresses, leading other Wikipedia users to quickly reverse some of the changes.