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Thread: Las Vegas judge determines she has jurisdiction in case against Sands China Ltd.

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    Las Vegas judge determines she has jurisdiction in case against Sands China Ltd.

    This could get to be verrrry interesting. Of course, with his money, Mr Adelson will undoubtedly manage to delay any trial for another few years, so it may or may not affect how much he can throw into the 2016 presidential campaign.

    Las Vegas judge determines she has jurisdiction in case against Sands China Ltd.

    A Las Vegas judge ruled Friday that she has jurisdiction over Sands China Ltd. in a wrongful termination case filed by the company’s former president and CEO. The case was filed by Steven Jacobs shortly after he was fired in 2010. District Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez issued a 39-page decision Friday afternoon.

    This matter has been pending in Nevada courts for almost five years,” Gonzalez wrote. “Judicial economy would be served by continuing this litigation in Nevada. Significant time and judicial resources of the court and the parties will have been wasted if Jacobs is required to reinstate this litigation in another forum.”

    The case has made several trips to the Nevada Supreme Court over the years, and Gonzalez has said she also expects an appeal of her decision on the jurisdiction issue.
    FIVE years, a man is trying to get a resolution of his case but in the American system today - if you got the cash you can control the system.

    I don't know if Adelson is guilty, though there is a great deal of circumstantial evidence (hearsay) out in the internets, but people should wonder why he has been fighting to keep the case out of the legal system for five years.

    Background on the case
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