Texas Republicans have sponsored a bill allowing certain forms of marijuana extract to be diagnosed to patients for medical reasons. Such a step will likely lead nowhere due to federal laws, but it's largely symbolic and an indication of a shift in thought concerning what is largely regarded as a harmless plant.

Smell the Truth » Medical marijuana law passed — in Texas?

The Texas State House overwhelmingly approved a bill on Monday that would allow patients suffering from certain illnesses to use medical marijuana with a doctor’s prescription.

It’s likely, however, that the bill will benefit no one.

SB 339 would allow patients with intractable seizure conditions to access extracts rich in marijuana’s therapeutic compound cannabidiol (CBD) and with only trace amounts of THC, reports the Houston Press.

But it’s extremely unlikely that these patients will find relief, as the new bill requires doctors to write a prescription, even though it is still federally illegal for doctors to prescribe marijuana.