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Thread: Texas: 9 Dead Bikers in Gun Shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant[W:33]

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    Re: Texas: 9 Dead Bikers in Gun Shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant

    From The Washington Post:

    Perhaps more shocking, Swanton revealed, was the extent to which local law enforcement and restaurant management anticipated that a bloody battle between rival biker gangs was brewing.

    “We have been made aware in the last few months of rival biker gangs — rival criminal biker gangs — being here and causing issues,” Swanton said Sunday outside the sports bar-turned-crime scene. “We have attempted to work with the local management of Twin Peaks to get that cut back, to no avail. They have not been of much assistance to us.”

    Waco Twin Peaks, criticized by police following shootout, ‘will not reopen’ - The Washington Post

    From Reuters:

    The local Harley Davidson dealership was closed, motorcycle riders were asked to stay off the roads and police snipers took to rooftops to watch Waco streets after a deadly gangland shooting caused many to cast a colder eye on bikers.

    Police want bikers off streets after deadly Texas shooting | Reuters

    The emerging reports seem to indicate:

    1. The two groups responsible for the violence were on a collision course for some time; this was not a a spontaneous and unexpected eruption of violence.
    2. Innocent parties e.g., the Harley Davidson dealer, have suffered economic harm on account of the actions of the two groups; local municipalities have also borne security-related costs on account of their actions.
    3. The reputations of motorcycle clubs and their members, the vast majority of whom are not involved in criminal activity and who are involved in practically all walks of life so to speak, have been put at risk by the actions of the responsible groups.

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    Re: Texas: 9 Dead Bikers in Gun Shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant

    As if a bunch of uneducated, fat, black-lunged, abusive, criminal, machismo white and native American guys getting shot and or arrested for being the degenerate scum they are is at all a "critical blow" to any race or people. Bikers are scumbags and always have been. Them all disappearing would be a wonderful thing for anyone and everyone. They represent the "Idiot Faction" of society.

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    Re: Texas: 9 Dead Bikers in Gun Shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant

    Quote Originally Posted by SheWolf View Post
    Your statements are nothing more than racial stereotyping, and enforcing socially race based privileges for Asians.

    It surprises me to hear so many US citizens, making tons of benevolent racial stereotypes about Asians. When I go to other countries with large amounts of Asian migrants, like Australia, they talk as bad about Asians as Americans talk about blacks and Mexicans.

    The least prejudice attitude would be to judge your doctor by their skills, not the color of their skin.
    I KNOW an asian doctor didn't get affirmative action
    Quote Originally Posted by calamity View Post
    This is a thread about gun control. You want to discuss crime control--start a thread in the appropriate sub forum.

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    Re: Texas: 9 Dead Bikers in Gun Shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant[W:33]

    Not all bikers are bad. My uncle was one.. And he wasn't a criminal nor did he go around killing people. A biker comes into my job all the time and to be honest he's the sweetest.

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    Re: Texas: 9 Dead Bikers in Gun Shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant

    Waco Is Suppressing Evidence That Could Clear Innocent Bikers - Yahoo News

    Waco and its police department could be liable for millions of dollars in damages if litigants can prove that they arrested bikers without probable cause, violating their civil rights; or that Waco police shot and killed innocents. Yet the grand jury that will decide whether to indict the bikers is reportedly being led by a longtime detective in the Waco police department––an arrangement defended by a local judge, who declared, “If there is nothing that challenges his impartiality, he is qualified … Who is better qualified in criminal law than somebody who practices it all the time?”
    When one of the arrested bikers, Matthew Clendennen, sued authorities, Waco’s assistant city attorney fought to prevent him from getting access to video footage taken at the Twin Peaks restaurant, key evidence in the incident. While a judge ultimately ruled that his attorney must be allowed to see the footage, he barred its release to the public and imposed a gag order in the case.
    Recommended: ‘There's No Real Fight Against Drugs’
    The gag order was requested by McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna, who is named in Clendennen’s federal civil-rights suit––and granted by District Court Judge Matt Johnson, Reyna’s former law partner, according to press reports.
    Over two months have passed since the shooting. The dead bodies have long since been examined. Yet the public still hasn’t been told how many of the gunshot victims were struck by bullets fired from police weapons. (I strongly suspect that if the answer was “zero” Waco police would’ve said so a long time ago.)
    Why is this information being suppressed?

    After all, evidence that is embarrassing to the Waco Police Department or that exposes the city of Waco to civil liability will presumably be made public eventually.

    Here are two theories.
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