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Thread: New Kinloch mayor blocked by police from entering city hall

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    New Kinloch mayor blocked by police from entering city hall

    Kinloch Missouri seems to have a problem with women who are elected mayor

    New Kinloch mayor blocked by police from entering city hall

    KINLOCH, MO (KTVI) – Our Fox 2 cameras were the only ones there as the newly-elected Kinloch mayor was greeted by police for her first day on the job.

    Betty McCray was not only prevented from entering city hall, she was also told she’d been impeached before she got a chance to start.

    McCray ran for mayor in the April 7 election and won.

    “I won. The people spoke,” McCray said. “I was sworn in by the St. Louis County. Today I take office. I want them out, I want the keys.”

    After the election results were certified earlier this week by the St. Louis County Board of Elections, Kinloch’s outgoing administration refused to allow the city clerk to give McCray the oath of office, claiming voter fraud.

    On Thursday, McCray was ready to start on the job, but was met with strong resistance. Fox 2 was there with McCray when she showed up at city hall, where she was greeted by more than 20 Kinloch police officers.

    One officer attempted to prevent himself from being filmed by pushing a camera away. No one was being allowed inside city hall, including the elected mayor.

    Kinloch city attorney James Robinson informed McCray she had been impeached. However, the city refused to tell the new mayor the articles of impeachment.
    In January, a former female mayor was arrested after she called police to report a burglary
    Former Kinloch official says she was assaulted by police

    KINLOCH , MO (KTVI) – The former acting mayor of Kinloch says she’s been the victim of an assault. Theda Wilson claims police arrested and physically assaulted her after she called to report a burglary in her apartment complex.

    Theda Wilson says she called Kinloch police Thursday night to report a possible burglary at an abandoned property next to her own.

    “In the back of my apartment I called 9-1-1 thinking they were going to help,” Wilson said.

    That’s when the tables turned. When officers arrived, Wilson thought police would check out the vacant building for a possible suspicious person. To her surprise, officers said they were going to take her into custody. That’s when Wilson asked police to read her rights. Police were recorded on camera refusing to read Wilson her rights.
    They seem to have a police problem in Kinloch - also a culture of corruption
    Kinloch mayor allegedly used city money for personal travel, bills : News

    For 12 years, Mayor Keith Conway has presided over a dying community.

    The population of Kinloch, as high as 14,000 in the days it was known as "Little Harlem New York," was down to 298 by the 2010 census. Much of the land was long ago taken in buyouts by nearby Lambert-St. Louis International Airport for noise abatement. Revenue shriveled, too.

    To get it away from it all, federal prosecutors claim, Conway used some of the dwindling city funds to pay for airline flights to Las Vegas and his Palm Beach Shores Resorts & Vacation Villas time share in Florida, also purchased with taxpayers' money.<snip>
    Conway, 47, was arrested Monday morning at City Hall, and arrived in federal court in St. Louis in jeans, hiking boots and a T-shirt with the words: "I'm the boss. No Questions. No Arguments. We'll just do things my way. Orlando, FL."
    "Whatever charges they got on the mayor, I can't believe," said Kinloch Assistant Police Chief O.D. Donaldson, who has known Conway since childhood. "Somebody just wants to see the city go down."
    Conway was the third Kinloch mayor he had seen arrested over more than three decades.


    The city has been dogged for years by allegations of fraud, corruption and mismanagement.

    Since the 1960s, aldermen have repeatedly complained about inaction by the police department, and officers complained about meddling.
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    Re: New Kinloch mayor blocked by police from entering city hall

    New Kinloch mayor suspended for alleged voter fraud


    According to documents obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Alleging voter fraud, Kinloch refuses to swear in new mayor and alderman : News ) through a records request, the city has raised concerns to the St. Louis County Board of Elections and the Missouri Secretary of State about people being registered to vote in Kinloch who no longer live there. On April 2, the city gave the election board a list of 27 names of people who it claimed were illegally registered.

    McCray had defeated Mayor Darren Small on April 7 with 38 votes to his 18. Another candidate, Theda Wilson, received two votes.

    City Attorney James Robinson said the Board of Aldermen voted to suspend McCray on Monday. He served McCray with impeachment charges Thursday when she attempted to enter City Hall. Robinson also told Alderman Eric Petty, an ally of McCray’s, that the board had drafted articles of impeachment against him.

    New Kinloch mayor suspended for alleged voter fraud - Washington Times

    If those 27 that are claimed to have been illegally registered are and they voted. The suspension likely was warranted.
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