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because my country is expected to be the world's pro bono police force. most people don't even accept that it hasn't worked. meanwhile, other first world countries spend money on things like health care that actually do good. you'd be a bit pissed off, too.

****, you take tons of flak if you even suggest that we don't enter a war (unless it's in Africa.) you get compared to Neville Chamberlain, because every potential enemy is Hitler (except in Africa.) and those who want constant war aren't even willing to pay more in taxes to fund it. they want to fund it by cutting our social safety nets.

now we're expected to have a dick measuring contest with Russia while fighting IS. this will be done with no tax increases, and if we have to get in bed with Assad, we just won't talk about that part, even though he used WMDs on his own people. meanwhile, Saudi Arabia will play a minimal role in the fight, just like they always do, even though this cluster**** is in their backyard. IMO, the best thing that we can do is to pull all of our troops out of that region for thirty years and let it stabilize. let the regional hegemons do their job, while we nation build here.

am i pissed off? yes, because it's infuriating, and i don't want the next generation to be sent off to police the Middle East at the whim of some asshole politician with no skin in the game. i'd rather that my kid not have to worry about going bankrupt when his kid falls out of a tree and breaks his arm.
Not sure I agree with everything here but I think this is the most passionate I've ever seen you buddy, so