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Global trade deals are the first step in that direction. If American see depressed wages because jobs are being farmed out to the global poor who are living on less a couple dollars a day, yeah that will really suck for us Americans, but that goes a long way to fixing the global wealth disparity, and it's far better than living in an isolated world of haves and have-nots who are at each other's throats fighting over scarcity.
That's all fine and good and sounds great, but the fact is the people negotiating these trade deals don't give the slightest damn about any of that. These are agreements negotiated by global behemoths and their representatives, in secret, to serve their interests, period. These are deals by and for the top 1/10th of 1%. Bottom line is I don't believe a word of any of the lofty goals. We'll pass TPP because the people who own the country and the politicians want it and it helps the elites capture a growing share of the global income and wealth. That's all anyone needs to really know. And that this whole process has been done behind closed means we won't like what comes out of it.

For that reason, I'm asking those who represent me to vote against this deal. They're job is to represent us here in the U.S. Other countries have leadership that serves THEIR interests.

Foreign firms should not be using stolen intellectual rights in the first place. Just because they're protected right now by being outside the jurisdiction of certain courts doesn't put them in the right.

Regardless I believe I read the pharmaceuticals were given a exemption in certain cases.
The problem is we don't really know since this is all in secret and even our own Congress isn't allowed to see the details. Parts have been leaked but that's about it.