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Lets get real.

The President is now letting the Congress in on this Iran deal because its been a circus from the start.

Kerry and Obama got caught in a lie and now it looks like the Iranians aren't going to allow monitoring of their Military sites.

Obama is simply going to blame Congress now when this thing crashes and burns and his low information supporters are going to agree with him.
The reality is that the morons in Congress are not more capable of judging whether a deal with Iran is in the best interests of the United States than the executive branch. It would be different if they demonstrate by their behavior an ability to rise above the petty partisan bickering that has stifled government in recent years. To the contrary, such morons have demonstrated that they are willing to go to such lengths as shutting down the government in a childish display of ignorance for the sake of political gain. They are no more than fools and rascals who are concerned with their own self interest more than that of the interests of the country.