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Thread: Legal Conflicts on Medical Marijuana Enter a New Phase

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    Legal Conflicts on Medical Marijuana Enter a New Phase

    In December, in a little-publicized amendment to the 2015 appropriations bill that one legal scholar called a “buried land mine,” Congress barred the Department of Justice from spending any money to prevent states from “implementing their own State laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana.”

    In the most advanced test of the law yet, Mr. Lynch’s lawyers have asked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to “direct the D.O.J. to cease spending funds on the case.” In a filing late last month, they argued that federal officials continuing to work on his prosecution “would be committing criminal acts.”
    Going to be an interesting appeal.
    Thoughts are?
    Now who is going to come to the defense of States Rights v Federal Laws???
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    The damage to the black community from all this will be devastating.Not only on public perception and reputation, but cops simply won't want to police these neighborhoods anymore.

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    Re: Legal Conflicts on Medical Marijuana Enter a New Phase

    Marijuana, to my knowledge, is federally illegal. As it is now I believe even if you have legal marijuana in a state the FBI can arrest you, if they wanted to they could likely shut down dispensaries and other venues. I do think states should have the right to legalize it though. We need more states rights where smaller populations are afforded more freedom for self governance over sweeping federal laws, mandates and regulations.
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