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Thread: Harry Reid Says He Won’t Seek Re-Election

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    Re: Harry Reid Says He Won’t Seek Re-Election

    Quote Originally Posted by Erod View Post
    So did we ever figure out who beat Harry up?
    ”People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” --- Ben Franklin

    Quote Originally Posted by The German View Post
    Sterotypes are mostly based on truths.

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    Re: Harry Reid Says He Won’t Seek Re-Election

    Scum like Harry Reid are only a symptom of the problem... the real problem is the people who vote scum like that into office - and in that regard, the nation is flooded with such people.

    Amerika is done as a free nation b/c multiple generations have been indoctrinated in the government schools. They no longer understand the principles of freedom, or the principles upon which our country was founded. On the contrary, they have been indoctrinated into authoritarian ideology, democracy, "fairness", etc...

    Hopefully at some point in the distant future, the tyranny that is being fastened upon us now will be overthrown, and the despicable, evil people that perpetrated this upon us and posterity will be exposed and held up as a cautionary tale for future generations to prevent such pigs from ascending to power.

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