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Thread: Negative Yelp, Angie’s List reviews prompt dog obedience business to sue

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    Negative Yelp, Angie’s List reviews prompt dog obedience business to sue

    Negative Yelp, Angie

    In 2012, a D.C.-based contractor sued a Fairfax woman for $750,000 over her one-star takedown of his work on her home. And the Virginia Supreme Court is expected to decide soon whether Yelp will be required to turn over the names of anonymous users who disparaged Alexandria’s Hadeed Carpet Cleaners. First Amendment advocates are watching that case closely.

    The dispute began in January when Ujimori and her dog Yuki began attending a $175 basic obedience class. Ujimori, an employee of the federal government, said she wanted to socialize her dog because she hopes the white Bolognese will become a therapy dog for the elderly and sick children.
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    Re: Negative Yelp, Angie’s List reviews prompt dog obedience business to sue

    Is anyone else super tempted to one star this dog obedience business now?
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    Re: Negative Yelp, Angie’s List reviews prompt dog obedience business to sue

    Te problem with such sites is that it is human nature to complain when you feel hurt, but much less so to praise (or even mention) getting normal, or expected service.

    I had a complaint of a "leaking roof" after adding a galvanized metal roof over a porch/deck. It was not actually leaking at all, as I clearly demonstrated to them by squirting it with a garden hose, and it had not even rained in several days. What was occurring, causing the "early morning" drip pattern shown to me, was simply that condensation was forming under the roof and dripping as it came to the screws (through the purlins) a few feet from the lower edge - which is perfectly normal for a metal porch, carport or garage roof. Even after proving that the roof was not leaking, the customer was still very unhappy with the drip and very likely, to this day, will still tell folks that I had built them a "leaking" roof.
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