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Thread: Ted Cruz going on Obamacare

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    Ted Cruz going on Obamacare

    Quote Originally Posted by Thrilla View Post
    there are quite few forms of universal healthcare... not all are socialist in nature.. .some are far from socialist (such as single payer health insurance)

    at this time in human history, I believe socialism to be unnecessary and ultimately a destructive force( in most cases)..... maybe in the future, as we trend out of human labor based production, Socialism might become necessary and even constructive. ( think in terms of near total automation, and such).
    That is what is happening, and I attest to what you say, but the idea of a government providing healthcare for all is socialist in nature. The rapid development and automation is constantly occurring, look at the drastic changes since the 1800's, who knows where we will be in 200 years.
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    Re: Ted Cruz going on Obamacare

    The Saga continues.
    And I thought Cruz was very smart guy.

    Ted Cruz flubs his familys health insurance and (naturally) blames Obamacare - LA Times
    Jan 22, 2016
    Michael Hiltzik
    U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, has revealed on the campaign trail that his family no longer is covered by health insurance.

    Naturally, he blames the Affordable Care Act: "I’ll tell you, you know who one of those millions of Americans is who’s lost their healthcare because of Obamacare? That would be me," he told an audience in Manchester, N.H., according to Politico. "I don’t have healthcare right now."

    If you pay attention, however, you'll discover that Cruz’s quandary is entirely his own fault. His, and his Republican colleagues in the Senate.

    You know who one of those millions of Americans is who's lost their healthcare because of Obamacare? That would be me.
    - Sen. Ted Cruz, who failed to sign up for 2016 health insurance

    Essentially, Cruz’s coverage lapsed because his 2015 carrier, BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, ended its individual PPO plans for 2016, including the family plan that covered the Cruz family. The carrier decided to move entirely to HMO plans for the individual market. And Cruz didn’t manage to sign up for a new 2016 plan by Dec. 31. That happened even though the insurer announced its decision to close PPO plans way back on July 23. Five months is normally enough for an educated adult to arrange health insurance.

    Cruz still has until Jan. 31 to sign up for coverage beginning March 1, and he said he’d be doing that. "We’re in the process of finding another policy," he said. "I hope by the end of the month we’ll have a policy for our family."

    In other words, Cruz’s problem has nothing to do with Obamacare and everything to do with his own sloth — unless the explanation is more sinister, as insurance expert Richard Mayhew of speculates: "The Cruz family is currently uninsured to guarantee their father a cheap laugh line."
    I'm personally sick of not being able to dunk a basketball because of racism.

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