U.S. cyber-defense*strategy doesn

The government’s efforts to deter computer attacks against the United States are not working and it is time to consider boosting the military’s cyber-offensive capability, the head of U.S. Cyber Command told Congress on Thursday.

“We’re at a tipping point,” said Adm. Michael S. Rogers, who also directs the National Security Agency, at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee. “We need to think about: How do we increase our capacity on the offensive side to get to that point of deterrence?”
True it is not working.
Neither is the multinationals security working either.
Until a substantial penalty is involved for losing information will they pay attention.
Many as reported are lax about the security of their systems.
Companies working for the Govt have been hit and military tech stolen. No repercussions that i have seen or heard of.
Banks/ Financial intuitions hacked, did they improve security?
Look to Estonia for a model that works. Then improve upon it.