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Thread: House Fails to Approve Funds for Homeland Security

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    Re: House Fails to Approve Funds for Homeland Security

    Quote Originally Posted by Hamster Buddha View Post
    The Military doesn't stop fighting if the Government shuts down. Hell, the FBI won't even shut down as a result. Also, DHS doesn't just handle that stuff. FEMA is under that umbrella, and they'll still be dealing with the different natural disasters around the country.
    Not the question asked.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fenton View Post
    Hillary is the only defense I or anyone else needs.
    Quote Originally Posted by apdst View Post
    Not once have I showed my dick to a woman and she thought it was creepy. In fact, in 100% of the cases, they were pretty excited about it. I don't know who you're showing your **** too.

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    Re: House Fails to Approve Funds for Homeland Security

    Quote Originally Posted by JANFU View Post
    Now who will wear this?
    The Republicans or the Democrats.
    Security threats on the rise and they shut down the main agency.
    Appears to be a repeat of the last attempted shutdown of the Govt.

    WASHINGTON — Republicans vowing to govern effectively as a congressional majority failed a fundamental test Friday evening, when House leaders could not pass a temporary measure to avert a partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security, leaving lawmakers scrambling for a solution before money was to run out at midnight.

    In a stunning and humiliating setback for Speaker John A. Boehner and his leadership team, the House voted 224 to 203 against their plan to extend funding for the department for three weeks.
    The media won't be intellectually honest about it, but essential personal keep getting paid. The DHS can't control a boarder, so they are not worth paying.
    The Gruber-crat is strong in this one!

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