Visiting from India, grandfather badly hurt in encounter; officer arrested -

Chirag Patel, told CNN Affiliate WHNT that his father tried to communicate with officers, telling them "No English. Indian," when they approached. He also said his father gave police his address and pointed to his son's house.Madison police agree that there was "a communication barrier" between officers and the elder Patel.
The police statement says Patel reached into his pocket while speaking with the officers.
"Officers attempted to pat the subject down and he attempted to pull away," the statement reads.
That's when officers forced Patel to the ground, leaving him with an injured neck and no feeling in his arms, the family says.
Months of physical therapy are ahead for Patel, who can now move his hands, but can't grasp anything, WHNT reported. Chirag Patel said his father can move his right leg but not his left
I keep looking at this guy's feet to see when he "pulled away" as the officer most of the guy's body before he is slammed against the ground. Hopefully he'll sue and make the PD pay for his medical bills. Crazy times we're living in. You can be an old man, handcuffed, and held by two police officers and still get your face slammed into the ground.