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Thread: Atlanta Ousts Fire Chief Who Has Antigay Views

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    Re: Atlanta Ousts Fire Chief Who Has Antigay Views

    Quote Originally Posted by Cardinal View Post
    It looks to me like the main core of your issue is a beef with gays in general than about any supposed infringement of the first amendment. But understand that just because you happen to agree with a particular bigoted sentiment doesn't mean that creating a hostile workplace environment is acceptable. It just means that it's your accepted bigoted sentiment.
    For all anyone here knows, it is your sentiments that are bigoted, rather than mine. And what some stranger on the internet imagines about my personal motives does not interest me. I am damn sick and tired of seeing people make offensive suggestions about the motives of anyone who dares disagree with them. That is weak stuff, and it has become standard procedure for many people who call themselves--ironically--"liberals." They are in fact the very opposite. A true liberal understands that if we want to keep this a free country, it is exactly the most repugnant speech that must be defended most strongly.

    That is exactly why the people who fought hardest forty years ago for the right of a group of Nazi goofballs to march through a town full of concentration camp survivors, in uniform, with swaztikas--and fought for it all the way to the Supreme Court as a matter of freedom of speech--were Jewish lawyers. We are not living in a kindergarten with some sweet young woman setting the rules, but in a hard world where people have strong feelings, and voice them loud and clear. The notion that no speech can be tolerated if it bruises someone's precious feelings is for crybabies with a penchant for political correctness, usually accompanied by a dictatorial streak. Hardly surprising these same weak sisters tend to have a taste for totalitarian government.

    Understand that just because you are holding out the crying towel out for a currently fashionable grievance group--unlike you, I won't ascribe a motive to you for doing that--it doesn't mean it's acceptable to violate any American's constitutional rights. There is not enough case law on the issue of speech in the workplace involved here for anyone to know for sure if the dismissal of this fire chief violated any of his First Amendment rights--but as a lawyer, I'm sure it is quite possible. The mere fact an administrative agency publishes a rule does not make that rule constitutional as applied. Many hundreds of rules and laws, both state and federal, if not thousands, have been struck down as unconstitutional, either on their face or as applied.

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    Re: Atlanta Ousts Fire Chief Who Has Antigay Views

    Quote Originally Posted by matchlight View Post
    For all anyone here knows, it is your sentiments that are bigoted, rather than mine.
    For all anyone here knows, they'd need merely read your words:

    It merely expressed a religious belief that homosexual acts were vulgar and unclean. Millions of Americans believe the same thing, and they should be able to express that view in passing at their workplace without fear of retaliation.
    That's bigoted. Oh, I know you don't think it's bigoted because it's the object of your distaste, but in actuality that's still bigotry. And just because you think this makes it acceptable to create a hostile workplace for them, that doesn't mean you really can.

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