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What U.S. entity has been attacked? Don't get the term "cyber attack" too twisted.

Sony Pictures' computers were hacked - infiltrated. No virus has reportedly been downloaded into their network. The ONLY entity that's been harmed is Sony Pictures and they've done more economic damage to themselves than NorKor's threat of violence because THEY, not NorKor, pulled a potentially profitable movie out of theaters.

Yes, there was a risk to public safety from a foreign government and to that our government (CIA, FBI, DHS) has a responsibility to atleast attempt to validate/confirm the origin of the threat and assess the threat level (that is, determine how credible the threat is and if and when it can be carried out), but Sony stepped on their own sword here which was their choice as private company.

Unless and until NorKor actually carries out its threat, the only responsibility the U.S. government has here is to assess the potential threat on U.S. soil and nothing more. And the only reason it needs to do that is because of the potential widespread threat to public safety (i.e., multiple movie theaters).
Can't say I agree with that assessment. So, only if they carry out the threat we should take measures against this attack. Otherwise, let it slide. Nope.