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Thread: UN Officials Demand Prosecutions for US Torture

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    Re: UN Officials Demand Prosecutions for US Torture

    Quote Originally Posted by Hard Truth View Post
    Torture was investigated by the same people who were involved in the practice. When the Senate tried to investigate information was withheld, yet they still concluded that there was illegal torture. The Obama administration granted to defacto amnesty to the Bush administration for their law breaking when it was decided that they would not investigater.

    Stop making things up.
    1. It wasn't the same people.
    2. The senate doesn't get to decide if something is torture or not. That is what the law is for, and no charges came from the investigation.
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    Re: UN Officials Demand Prosecutions for US Torture

    I'll need to look into this intriguing topic tomorrow... for now...sleeeeeeep....
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    Why are people assuming I am anti AR 15? I put the word need in " " for a reason...
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    Because you haven't sent me one. All I actually need is a 10.5" 5.56mm upper; Palmetto State will do nicely. This is the only way I'll believe that you aren't anti-AR-15.

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