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Thread: Illegal immigrants easily get driver's license, credit cards, even Obamacare

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    Re: Illegal immigrants easily get driver's license, credit cards, even Obamacare

    Quote Originally Posted by clownboy View Post
    The article is fairly straightforward in it's reporting on the content of the study. Obtaining health care in this context means going to the doctor and not having their status as illegals reported, as well as being paid for by the public.
    Really? It means that in this context? Can you point to specific language in the study that leads you to conclude this? Have you even looked at the study?

    It's behind a paywall. Without access, this is everything I have on the study:

    In response to political pressure, President Obama authorized the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2012, giving qualified undocumented young people access to relief from deportation, renewable work permits, and temporary Social Security numbers. This policy opened up access to new jobs, higher earnings, driver’s licenses, health care, and banking. Using data from a national sample of DACA beneficiaries (N = 2,381), this article investigates variations in how undocumented young adults benefit from DACA. Our findings suggest that, at least in the short term, DACA has reduced some of the challenges that undocumented young adults must overcome to achieve economic and social incorporation. However, those with higher levels of education and access to greater family and community resources appear to have benefited the most. As such, our study provides new insights into how social policy interacts with other stratification processes to shape diverging pathways of incorporation among the general pool of undocumented immigrants.
    So I have absolutely no way to verify the accurately of Washington Examiner's reporting. And neither do you. But you just assumed they were reporting it in a "straightforward way." Why?
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