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Thread: The Mid-Terms Results Thread [W:517]

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    Re: The Mid-Terms Results Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by tres borrachos View Post
    Aw damn, Nimby, that's so sad to read. I am so sorry for the families and everyone else involved, including you.It's not right to see them go so young, and I can't even begin to imagine the grief the parents are feeling. My husband's brother died in an accident when he was 16, and 35 years later it still tears my MIL and my husband and his siblings apart. I'm so sorry.
    You know tres, now with the election over, we were having a windy sunny, chilly day here in North Central IL and I thought of you in NH.
    That "new day" commercial by Scott Brown was quite Reaganesque--you had two good candidates--thoughts of the ad made me feel good today.

    As a parent of three boys, you know what it was like to have them go out driving with three other seniors and be on pins and needles yourself.
    It was a cold November rainy night with oil-slicked roads since we hadn't had rain for a while.

    The paralyzed boy has a chance to walk again--ironically due to advances made with our Wounded Warriors.
    The induced coma boy had part of his skull cut out to relieve the pressure from fluid on the brain--he's hanging in there we pray.

    I actually feel so relieved talking with you guys--too bad it took something like this to bring the good Linc back out of me.

    I wish God's speed to Majority Leader McConnell and pray they can all work together again .
    Physics is Phun; Chemists Have Solutions; formerly nimby

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    Re: The Mid-Terms Results Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by NIMBY View Post
    Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts j-mac.
    It means a lot to me to find solace with Veterans like you since my Dad was 22 years Air Force and 8 more Civil Service.
    Don't mention it...As much as we sparred in the past, that has little to do with showing compassion, and I hope a little class when the time calls for such...The caring you show for this student, and the heaviness in your heart for the same shows that you are indeed who we want teaching our kids...

    I still can't wrap my head around any reasoning as to why these things keep happening.
    In 1976, when I experienced my first loss as a first-year Teacher, I made a conscious decision to NEVER write down the names or how these losses happened.
    You can imagine how I must revisit this decision time and again, as with this past week.
    I think whenever we see a life taken so young, with the promise that life represents it hits us all hard. You may never have written them down, but I suspect that in your conscious you have a special place for them all.

    I take things too personal and haven't been able to separate electioneering with solving issues.
    I was an asshole on DP on Tuesday night but I am better now and wanting to move forward with you and others.

    One of my best friends on DP right now is Republican Beaudreax.
    He worked in Illinois after our tornadoes an hour from where I live.
    He very much helped our communities get back on their feet--this is why I believe there is so much overlap between Real life and internet life.
    As I said think nothing of it, things in political debate often get heated, and I myself from time to time I am sure can come of rather assholeish myself...I don't take anything in here personal, and really do cherish my friends here on DP regardless of their leans politically...I think it is awfully cool that I have the chance to talk with people in here from literally all over the world, and share ideas, and from time to time a really good argument...The important thing is that when the chips are down, I'd give the shirt off my back to any of the people here whether I agree with them or not.

    Before I head out for the day, including stops at the school, I'm heartened by the jobs numbers today.
    I just don't get why these numbers continue to get shot down by conservatives but must start reading what you guys say when done tactfully.
    I also must stop taking things personally and realize with some it is just politics and move on.
    I too heard that this morning on my way home from the Doc's office, and thought to myself that it was good news that not only were the UE number still trending downward, but that the participation rate was also getting better, and although it isn't in large chunks, it is better than going the other way...As for why Conservatives continue to shoot it down, is just part of the argument today. Part of it is probably as you and others charge that we just can't give Obama an inch, largely because in the past when we have we usually get burned, but also because we are so divided these days that it just sticks in the craw to do so...We each want the other to be the first to show some quarter.

    Once again, thank you and know your positivity drives with me today .
    Thank you, I am glad I could provide some small solace...Anything you need feel free to ask.
    Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.

    Alexis de Tocqueville

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