Here is another one of those delusions that were shooting at aircraft.

He was caught because someone had the intestinal fortitude to stand up agaisnt his threats.
I hope they remain unharmed.

Ferguson man charged with shooting at police helicopter

ST. LOUIS - A local man is facing charges after officers say he shot at a police helicopter with a handgun.

Terrell Doss, 28 of Ferguson, has been charged with two counts of assault on law enforcement in the second degree, one count of assault in the first degree, and three counts of armed criminal action.

Police say Doss fired at a St. Louis County Police helicopter on Sunday, August 10 during the civil unrest in Ferguson. There were two officers inside the helicopter at the time, but the aircraft was not hit and the officers were not injured.

A witness says after the shots were fired, Doss walked by them as said "snitches get stitches." The following day, the witness says they were threatened again by Doss. The witness positively identified Doss as the suspect on November 17.

Ferguson man charged with shooting at police helicopter