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The US created instability in so many countries, not for economic reasons, if anything instability hurts our finances overall, except for a handful of defense contractors. It was because of a controlling and paranoid ideology about how to deal with extremist terrorism and religious fundamentalists. With out current increase in domestic oil/gas output, we're not even that reliant on ME reserves. Our leaders real problem with the ME is keeping Russia and China from tapping into all the energy they need from there to become even bigger global influences. It's a game of who can stay on top.

That's because our current leaders were little kids at the height of the Cold War. We didn't play our cards well with Russia, and could've been a little more generous with financial incentives, instead of being so tight fisted.
I don't consider the CIA that creates these instabilities to be a house of fools, ergo I consider the instability to be planned events. Since they are Energy countries involved, it is something to do with a larger plan/scheme/hegemony of which we are unaware. Big money, Energy corporations, MIC, distributions, covert agendas, and the plethora of evil actors omnipresent in banking manipulations. These imply macro agendas that may be micromanaged.