North Korea: Remains of Thousands of U.S. Soldiers Being Moved
13 )ctober 2014

North Korea says the remains of thousands of American soldiers killed during the Korean War are being moved due to construction projects and flood damage. The United States suspended efforts to recover war remains in North Korea over the country's plans to launch a long-range rocket in 2012. About 8,000 U.S. service members are listed as missing from the 1950-53 war.

An unidentified North Korean military spokesman said in a statement Monday that American soldiers' remains are "left here and there uncared and carried away en masse" because of building projects, land reorganization and flood damage. Analysts say the North's statement is aimed at pressuring Washington to resume the recovery project as a way to get money and improve ties with the U.S.

NBC News
Between 1996-2005 the US and North Korea conducted 33 joint search/recovery operations which yielded the remains of 229 MIA US soldiers from the Koran War. North Korea also unilaterally handed over 208 boxes of commingled remains which yielded another 104 identified remains. Since then, such operations were suspended by the US over security and money-laundering concerns.

There remain an estimated 7,800 missing US soldiers from the Korean War. NK is despicably using this delicate issue to once again squeeze money from the US.