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Thread: Hong Kong police clash with pro-democracy demonstrators

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    Re: Hong Kong police clash with pro-democracy demonstrators

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Nick View Post
    Yeah? you're a US/Canadian citizen - you can do whatever the heck you want...
    You mad bro?

    And CPwill how quickly you forget the freedoms we've lost just in the recent past with the Patriot Act, which many of our congress critters passed in the middle of the night without reading. A lot phone tapping and wire tapping going on too.

    We have imprisoned American citizens with no trial or hearing and even our rural podunk town police forces are armed to the teeth with military equipment.

    And don't forget how quickly the rights of Japenese Americans eroded during WWII when they were interned and lost their property and businesses.

    I could go on and on. You can wrap yourself in the American flag but this country has made a lot of mistakes going back to the genocide of native americans to the disgraceful treatment of blacks in the deep south.

    It's already been show quite clearly by the United States how quickly citizen rights slip into the abbys when our government thinks it necessary. Is it any wonder considering the slimy scoundrels with no backbone we elect to congress?
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