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He had a 4 year old daughter. I actually have to explain to you that she should have been his number one priority in life?

The Middle East was not going to collapse without him. And he could have done JUST AS MUCH for the world by staying home, doing local volunteer work and looking after his little girl.
We are NOT talking about a guy who is fighting a war to save his country. We are talking about a guy doing humanitarian work - he could have done it at home. I guarantee you there are PLENTY of needy people in his community who could have used his assistance almost as much as those he helped in the Middle East.
But no...he abandons his parental responsibility and goes running around the world to satisfy his craving.

If he had no young children, then I would have said 'good for him. He died doing what he loved by helping others'.

But I won't, because the second you have a child, that child should be the number one thing in your life. And everything else you do must take a back seat to that child until they are grown up (at least), until they don't need you anymore. That is, IMO, what a great parent does. They sacrifice their selfish desires for the child. And they do so gladly.

This guy didn't. Getting his danger fix (doing something noble, granted) was more important to him then raising his child.

He was stupid and he should have stayed home to help raise his little girl - that should have been his job and his passion...and I don't really care if you agree or not.

Good day.
This 'Blame The Victim" syndrome is going around everywhere and you seem to have caught a pretty serious dose.