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Don't we both know that our presence in the region will eventually escalate? Surgical airstrikes are at times helpful but they cannot get the job done. We have droned how many al Qaeda No. 2s to death?
It would only get worse if the troops were removed, as George Bush warned. Bush in 2007 delivered eerily accurate warning about Iraq unrest | Fox News

We can train and arm regional ISIL opposition, but it is damn difficult to know that who we train and arm today won't be ISIL allied in a few more months. I think we are going to have to do that and hope for the best. ISIL is going to work overtime to try to force us into a ground war. It's pure asymmetric warfare deja vu all over again. Much of any overt actions we take can hurt us as much as help us. Bombing the hell out of soft targets and civilian is a win for them. We have guarded Muslim support overall throughout the world. The West cannot afford to lose that. ISIL would like nothing better for it to get to the point were Westerners are at great risk in all Muslim nations or nations with high Islamic populations.
The west has to move and and actually try to win, not do as they have done in WWI, Vietnam, the first Gulf War, and when the troops left Iraq. They have to be defeated and troops need to remain, just have they have done in South Korea, Germany, and throughout the world. And the US has to start electing real leaders, not social experimenters.
At present, and I think you agree, there is no solution. The will not be one single solution. We have been ****ing ourselves into this corner for a while.
And that is because the US has been reluctant to win. They would rather be liked instead, to show what nice guys they are despite their power. The enemies, and friends, believe this to be foolish and naive. Much like Clinton dropping a couple of bombs on an aspirin factory in the middle of nowhere. Or Obama thinking he could win non Americans over with his narcissistic BS. If the US can get serious this would stop pretty quick.