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The US has been about the exploitation of the Middle East oil since the close of WW2, and denying the USSR access to it. Can't conceive of what is well said in a post that candidly acknowledges that Western countries are fighting in the Middle East, killing and being killed to secure (read: steal) the free flow and supply of oil to the world.
Greetings, Montecresto.

I was agreeing with his evaluation that the Western world does indeed need the oil that lies under the ME sands, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to secure their share, because our economies depend on it. The sheiks, or whatever their titles might be, have had long-standing agreements with the various oil companies worldwide, and those same owners set the price of a barrel of oil, depending on world conditions. We haven't stolen any oil that I know of, because we have had good relations with the Saud family of Saudi Arabia and other rulers until recently. Various rebel groups looking to overthrow their rulers are the instigators of all the unrest in that region, even killing their own people in the name of religion. Oil has little to do with religion, unless their ultimate goal is to control the oil fields using religion to accomplish it. Who knows?