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Probably true. However, I would think that controlling a vehicle at high speed is something you need to be able to do to be a successful racer, which Tony Stewart is.

Don't worry - in a month this will all be the "liberal media's" fault going after a sport that they don't like because of "rednecks."
Your words, not mine...Look, Sprint cars from what I understand, are set up to go left. Larger tires on the outside track of the car, limited right turn capability, and such. The end of the track that Ward got out of the car on is not as well lit as other parts, and Ward was in a black suit. The visibility inside the Sprint car is limited, and the fact that pre race driver meetings I assume have the instruction to the participants to stay off the track in the event of a wreck.

Look, I think it is tragic that this happened, I don't know if Stewart will return to racing. And I think that it was a preventable accident, in the manner that Ward had NO PLACE running out in to moving traffic no matter how upset he was....Doesn't add up to any kind of crime though.