as soon as slippery slopes are used to fight against SSM its an instant lost
there is no way to not be taken seriously then mentions of connections to incest, polygamy, NAMBLA, CHild rape and beastilty, Honest and educated people will laugh every time at such nonsensical comparisons.. Its complete joke and its what was used against minorities and women too lol those arguments failed because they were mentally retarded and deemed irrational and illogical then just like now.

hell those things dont even relate to eachother

Sole legal precedence of SSM will NOT lend itself to incest, child rape, beasilty or pologamy (which im find with if people want to fight for this NEW right)
there is ZERO legal precedence based on just SSM that can be effectively used for those other things. none. And this is because precedence that is used for SSM relates directly to marriage and the 14th and violating rights.

so any battles involving those things are their own unique things and can be argued anyway a person sees fit already. SSM gives them no additional power or legality lmao.